3 Piece Grey Off-the-Shoulder Crop Top, G-String and Thigh High Set

Introducing the ultimate ensemble of allure: Lapdance Lingerie's 3-Piece Crop Top, G-String, and Thigh-High Stocking Set. This tantalizing trio features an off-the-shoulder crop top, G-string, and thigh-high stockings, all crafted in a mesmerizing see-through grey color with a sultry black lining. The off-the-shoulder cut of the crop top adds a flirtatious touch to its seductive silhouette, perfectly complemented by the matching G-string for a complete look of undeniable allure. Paired with the strappy thigh-high stockings, this set promises to captivate and enthrall, leaving a lasting impression wherever you go. Available in OS or QS.